Wednesday, May 20, 2015

India and USA,two different worlds

When I came to US few months back,there were certain things which caught my attention.I was in India all my life and this is my first trip outside India.No,I am not going to blabber about the cultural difference between the two countries.
I am mentioning certain things which I found good and certain things which I found not so good here.

The first and foremost thing which caught my attention was the pedestrian crossing.You press a button,wait for the signal and cross.Such a breeze.But in India the scenario is so different.In peak hours it is almost impossible to cross when we are alone.In a group it is different.I so wish this system gets implemented in India also :-).
And I was amused by the fact that there is absolutely  no honking.People wait so patiently for the pedestrians to cross even if the signal changes.Too good to be true.
Also,the way people make space for fire engine and ambulance.The concept of not moving till it passes is brilliant.We should seriously implement this in India.Imagine the number of lives we could save.
But I don't like the street parking here.But parking is a problem everywhere.So better not to comment.

Another thing which I found very useful is the food disposer attached to kitchen  sink.I don't know whether it is available in India.Anyway I haven't seen this precious little thing anywhere in my town.It is such a handy thing.No more rotten food smell from trash.I love it.Seriously I get excited by such small things.Am I so naive?

The thing which I absolutely dislike is the non availability of hand showers in toilet.I am pretty sure every US based Indians can relate to what I am saying.It was/is and always will be a nightmare for me to use just toilet paper.Thank God there are wet wipes:).I know now you will be seriously thinking that I am so naive..Yeah I am in certain field.

I am a complete foodie.And America offers a wide variety of cuisines.I will save that for another post.

P.S I would really like to have some comments and positive criticism.No hurting comments please.I am so sensitive:)

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