Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday little princess

Today is my niece's birthday.
Kids are always amazing,right?Their cute smile,little mischief,smart questions which we have to to think twice,thrice,.....million times to answer.
If there is a kid in your house,everything changes.They will be the sun and all the other family members rotate around them.
My niece is no less.She is the heart and soul of our lives.A true star.
Whenever I see her in action,I remember this line."Great things come in cute little packages":)
I adore her.There is so much I learned from this small kid.There are certain things which we conveniently forget on growing up.She reminds me all that by her innocence and I miss my childhood.
I am lucky to have a wonderful sister and even more wonderful niece...
Love you dear..Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day...

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