Tuesday, May 19, 2015

About the blog

About me (Rather about this blog)

   I am an Indian girl(I cannot hold myself up to call me a woman :) ), from a small town in Kerala.Recently I moved to the United States since my husband is working here.It is a big transition for someone who has never been outside India.I was nervous,worried and a bit scared about the big move.So this blog is a platform for me to vent out about my transition and coping with it.

 I thought of starting a blog in 2013 when I got married.As any bride-to-be I was googling exhaustively for information regarding bridal wear,make up,decor,photography etc etc.I stumbled upon many fab blogs,but being a Kerala bride I could not find any blog catering those specific category.So I thought why shouldn't I start a blog to express my experience of getting married in God's Own Country.But laziness got the better of me then.
So I guess  there will be some bridal posts in this blog

Then after coming to the US,I thought of starting a blog as my skin was behaving weird and I could not find a product that fits my condition even after extensive searching .So I thought I could compile whatever helped me in combating that.Again laziness came to act there.
So I guess there will be some beauty related posts and product reviews in this blog.

And above all this blog is mainly about my random scribbles,be it some recipes,travel diaries, poems (okay, I cannot find the correct word,so please excuse me) .I dare not to call my scribbles poems or 'Kavitha' since it is just my random thoughts and doesn't even remotely resembles a Kavitha.:)

Basically I am going to ramble about anything which comes to my mind.Hopefully it doesn't affect anybody's sanity:)

And regarding the name of the blog,right now I am in that transition phase.So the confusion.Oh now I am confused,should I change the name?:)


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