Friday, June 12, 2015

Facebook,Facebook..A funny post

Disclaimer:All people and events mentioned in this post are purely fictional..Any resemblance to real persons,living or dead is purely coincidental.:-p

Facebook has become a part and parcel of our lives..I do check Facebook often,But I don't live in Facebook.Please lets keep Whatsapp out of this post..I check it every now and then :-p.
So this is just a fun post about the Facebook..

Face book...The world of posts,shares,comments,likes,photos,status and pokes.

Nowadays each and everything happening in life is sorted out into two categories-Facebook share worthy and Not Facebook share worthy.
And for most of them it is all Facebook share worthy.Fb is their heart and soul.
Lets see some examples..

There are some who share each and everything in Facebook,even the minutest thing in their life.And most of the time it is accompanied by weird photos..We all like to see photos,but seriously I am not interested in seeing some 20-30 selfies of the same person in various pose every other day..
Some people don't mind even posting the picture of their bedroom with ridiculous tags."My New Bed room" , "My comfort", "My sleeping zone"..Come on,don't you know,there is something called privacy in life?..Thankfully I am yet to see a bathroom picture..

And there is this group who posts each and every thing they buy..Their post starts like this..."Today I went for shopping and see what I found.....The cutest waste basket ever"  Seriously,I am least interested in your wastebasket and broom.

And I like people posting baby's pictures..But please no soiled diaper photos..It is meant to be in your trash bin,not in Facebook.

And about friend's request..We all will be surprised and happy to see friend's request from a friend's friend/sister/brother or cousin's friend whom we have met only once in our life.Same goes with an old classmate whom we haven't met since fifth grade.The fact that they remember us makes us happy and we will promptly accept their friend's request..Wait...There is still more..After two days we will get an invitation to play Candy crush from that person..Oh God!!Now I get more candy crush requests than friend's request.Seriously!!

And there is this other group.Wherever they go,it will be in facebook..At so and so airport,so and so railway station,so and so bus stand,so and so restaurant..Thank God,there I haven't seen a post like "At KSRTC public restroom:-p"..Some other posts go like this..I am flying to Uganda......I am flying to Ethiopia...
You fly,you travel,you eat(wherever you want).....But showing off has a limit,dears:-)

Another thing is the poke.I seriously do not understand what does it mean..I get notifications every now and then stating somebody poked me...Good God,it is poke,not puke:-p

And for some others it is a game,first they sent a friend's request and after some time they unfriend us..After a while again a friend's request..I can't understand what is wrong with u friends?First decide whether I am your friend or not,then send friend's request..Please.

Others play with their photos.They suddenly comment on a photo which was posted one year back.Why?I mean whyyyyy?Do you want your photo to top everybody's timeline.

Then there are the critics..They comment on each and every post we share or post..All brimmed with sarcasm..Please critics,go and live a life of your own..These are the ones who mainly post the number of cities and restaurants they visit every month..Go and update your 100th restaurant and leave my post...Pleaseeeeeee.

 I don't want to mention about people posting photos and videos of freaky accidents.It is so cruel..
Another thing is ghost photos...Zoom this photo and find out the ghost..Come on everybody is not brave like you:-p

Jokes apart,don't you thing we need an etiquette for Facebook?It sounds funny..But seriously what to share and not to share should have a clear distinction.Facebook is a wonderful platform..To chat with long lost friends,to see their recent photos,even to see wedding photos of close relatives when you are in another country or state....Some even run Facebook shops and earn money..It is so good..
Every Facebook account is a wonderful collection of memories .So we should not load this wonderful book with unwanted scribbles,Unwanted confused scribbles to be precise:-p
Good day to everyone..

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